Rental Trucks

Here at Jim Ashmore, Inc. we provide well maintained trucks and trailers for rental to fit the needs of our customer. Jim Ashmore, Inc. strives to ensure our customers that you can get what you need and when you need it.

*All trucks have an automatic transmission

You can come to us for:

Moving Trucks
Stake Trucks
Flat Beds
Lift Gates Available

Additional Equipment:

Appliance Dollies
Furniture Pads
Box Dollies
4 Wheel Caster Dollies
Tie Down Straps
Chains and Binders

Our Inventory:



(W” x H”)

(W” x H” x L”)

16' Van with Liftgate 16′ Van with Liftgate 85 x 77 91 x 85 x 192
18' Van with Liftgate 18′ Van with Liftgate 88 x 86-90 94 x 91 x 211
24' Van 24′ Van with Liftgate
24′ Van with Ramp
88 x 83-90 92 x 96 x 287
12' Stake 12′ Stake N/A 92 x 145 (W x L)
20' Stake with Liftgate 20′ Stake with Liftgate N/A 92 x 240 (W x L)
24' Stake 24′ Stake N/A 92 x 288 (W x L)
24' Flatbed 24′ Flatbed N/A 96 x 288 (W x L)