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Trailer Rentals

Proudly Offering the Metro Detroit Area Trailer Rentals for Over 50 Years

Trailers for Every Reason and Every Season in Madison Heights, MI

From small to large, open to enclosed, Jim Ashmore Truck Rentals has well-maintained trailers to fit your needs. Our trailer rentals are perfect for people and businesses in agriculture, construction, demolition, plant nursery, and vehicle rescue. Any industry that requires the safe and efficient transportation of equipment, vehicles, tools, products, or materials can depend on us to have ideal trailers for rent.

We have open and closed trailers of various sizes to move whatever you need to your home or business. Whatever you need to haul from point A to point B, you can count on us for a trailer to complete the job.

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Rental Trailers for Business & Personal Use

Of course, you don’t have to be a business owner to rent one of our trailers! If you’re looking for an alternative to a moving truck rental, we can supply you with one of our rental trailers to help you move.

We also offer moving trucks, but only some need to use a moving truck's capacity. Regardless, Jim Ashmore Truck Rental will make sure your needs are met. Call us at (248) 548-7733 to determine the best truck or trailer rental for you.

Van Trailers for Rent in Any Size You Need

Enclosed trailers are ideal for hauling goods in any weather, any day. They have secure latching mechanisms on their doors to keep your haul safe. They are not refrigerated like a reefer unit; however, these van trailers can carry palletized, boxed, and loose freight. 

We offer these trailers for rent in various sizes. If you aren’t sure which size will work best for what you are transporting, we will be happy to help you choose. 

Our van trailers for rent come in the following sizes: 

  • 5’x8’
  • 6’x10’
  • 6’x12’
  • 7’x16’

A lock may be added for optimal security and is recommended for overnight use. We know that you want to move your items from A to B and not have them stolen at place C.

When you're looking for enclosed van trailers for rent, call Jim Ashmore Truck Rental at (248) 548-7733. We can put you in a reliable rental trailer today!

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Rent Open Trailers for Hauling Cars, Equipment, and Nearly Anything Else

Depending on what you are hauling, an open flatbed trailer may be a better option for large items. For example, a lot of people will rent open trailers when looking for a motorcycle trailer for rent. Cars, commercial equipment, hobby vehicles, and more all require open trailers because they are easy to load and unload.

Open trailers can be preferable to an enclosed van trailer because they are easier to stock your items thanks to the absence of walls or a roof. If what you’re transporting needs further protection, we have closed van trailers for inclement weather conditions and added safety. If you haven’t already done so, check out the section above for our enclosed van trailers.

Our open trailers for rent come in the following styles and sizes:

  • 4’x8’ open heavy duty
  • 4’x8’ open ramp
  • 5’x10’ open ramp
  • 5’x12’ open ramp
  • 6’x12’ open ramp 

Our Jim Ashmore Truck Rental team can help you decide if an open or enclosed van trailer is right for you. If you’re ready to rent or need help selecting the best trailer, call us at (248) 548-7733 today!

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Alternative Moving Trailers for Rent

Besides the open and closed trailer options, we have a few other rentals, like the small dump trailer that hauls up to 1.5 yards of dirt, mulch, or whatever materials you may have to move. We also carry 5 yard and 7 yard dump trailers for your bigger hauls. We have drop deck trailers to carry items like scissors lifts and machinery. We also have flat trailers used to move hot tubs and sheds. If you are still determining which size will work best for hauling recreational vehicles, dirt bikes, motorbikes, or snowmobiles, we will gladly help you choose the right trailer for rent.    

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Contact Jim Ashmore in Metro Detroit for Your Trailer Rentals Today

Whether you’re moving businesses or homes, our rental solutions provide the necessary space to move your items. Our Jim Ashmore Truck Rental team can help you find the perfect moving trailer or truck to move your things quickly and efficiently. Our variety of moving trailers and trucks will surely be the perfect fit to simplify your moving process. 

If you need help deciding between a trailer or truck, call Jim Ashmore Truck Rental in Metro Detroit at (248) 548-7733.

Trailer Rentals FAQS In Madison Heights, MI


What types of trailers are available for rent In Madison Heights

Ashmore Rentals in Madison Heights, MI offer a wide range of trailers for rent, including van trailers, open trailers, dump trailers, drop deck trailers, and flat trailers. Our selection caters to various hauling needs, whether for personal or business use.

What industries can benefit from renting trailers from Jim Ashmore Truck Rental in Madison Heights?

Our rental trailers are suitable for industries such as agriculture, construction, demolition, plant nursery, and vehicle rescue. Whether you need to transport equipment, vehicles, tools, products, or materials, we have trailers to meet your requirements."

What sizes of trailers are available for rent In Madison Heights?

Our trailers come in various sizes to accommodate different hauling needs. We offer van trailers in sizes ranging from 5'x8' to 7'x16', and open trailers in sizes including 4'x8', 5'x10', and 6'x12'. Additionally, we have dump trailers available in 5-yard and 7-yard sizes.

What are the rental rates and payment options for trailers?

Our rental rates are competitive, and we offer flexible payment options to suit your budget. Please contact us at (248) 548-7733 for current rates and payment details.